Account Maintenance

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Online Maintenance

Log into to your account to:

  • Make additional purchases
  • Change your address
  • Update your e-mail address
  • Change your telephone number
  • Switch to electronic document delivery
  • Change your distributions options
  • Add/Update an Automatic Investment Plan (AIP)*

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*Automatic Investment Programs do not protect against loss or assure profit.

Mail-in Maintenance

Select and print the form you need, then return it to Shareholder Services via:

Regular Mail
Rondure Funds
P.O. Box 13664
Denver, CO 80201

Overnight Delivery
Rondure Funds
1290 Broadway, Suite 1000
Denver, CO 80203

Regular Account Maintenance

To change a name, an address, an automatic investment plan, a systematic withdrawal plan, distribution options, telephone & on-line privileges, bank information, householding, or transfer of death designation for your account.
To change your account options or provide general instructions.
To assist you in changing the registration on your account.
To place a standard purchase, redemption, or exchange request within your account.
To select or change the cost basis method for your account.
To receive distributions from your IRA account.
To transfer or rollover funds from a qualified plan into your Rondure Global IRA account.
To designate or change the beneficiary on your IRA account
To set or change the allocation to your employees in a SEP IRA account.
To receive distributions from your Coverdell account.
To transfer assets from another Coverdell account into a Rondure Global Coverdell account.
To designate or change Transfer on Death (TOD) beneficiaries on your account.