Who We Are

About Rondure Global Advisors

Rondure Global Advisors® takes a bottom-up approach to equity investing using disciplined global screening, rigorous company due diligence, and close attention to valuation to find what we believe to be the best investment opportunities around the world. Our investment philosophy is centered around investing in very high-quality companies that we believe can provide sustainable returns. Rondure Global Advisors, LLC is a woman-owned investment adviser headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Grandeur Peak Partnership

The Rondure Global Advisors and Grandeur Peak Global Advisors partnership is based on the mutual admiration built over the years, between individuals in the global investment business. As the CEO and majority owner of Rondure Global Advisors, Ms. Geritz has her own research and client team. Grandeur Peak Advisors provides back-office and trading support. Rondure and Grandeur Peak share offices in Salt Lake City to enhance collaboration and to leverage the knowledge and skill of the two strong research teams.

Our Name

The name Rondure comes from a French word meaning round or spherical. It ties nicely with the global focus of the firm and has special meaning for Ms. Geritz whose father was a literature professor. Rondure is a unique word used in the writings of such classic writers as William Shakespeare and Walt Whitman.

Our People

Rondure is led by Laura Geritz, a seasoned global investor with a passion for excellence. Laura has always championed and fostered a team approach and believes every individual has a unique and powerful contribution to make. At Rondure, everyone's primary role is Analyst, creating a flat organization lead by intelligent people asking the right questions. Rondure's partnership with Grandeur Peak extends the idea of team to include the Grandeur Peak Research team and Business Operations team. The collaboration provides a solid foundation to foster excellence and passion from each individual team member.

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Our Philosophy

Searching for great companies at good prices and good companies at great prices, wherever they are found

Unconstrained Approach

  • Flexible, unconstrained, index agnostic all cap approach to stock picking from global markets large and small

Research Driven

  • Bottom-up, fundamental company analysis

High Quality Businesses ("Core" investment style)

  • Strong fundamentals and defensible market advantage

Long-Term Total/Absolute Return

  • Focusing on sustainable returns over a long-term investment horizon

Valuation Sensitivity

  • Applying a margin of safety to a company return profile to resist overpaying
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Our Values

Client Centric
Our Global Community